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A composite hose is a very flexible, kink-proof hose that is primarily used for the transfer of chemicals, solvents, and acids. It can be used for plant service or by tank trucks. Composite hose is appreciated by the people who handle the hose! Its flexibility makes it easier to attach to less accessible connections. The fact that its flexibility is not altered by cold weather also enhances its popularity. Especially when outside, unloading rail cars, storage tanks, or tank trucks. It is also a popular hose on ” loading racks. ” Whether the inner liner is Polypropylene or PTFE, composite hose is very chemical resistant. It also handles elevated temperatures and when coupled properly can be a very safe hose for the transfer of dangerous products.

We have people who have not only helped design composite hose but they also designed the machines used to manufacture it. We have the expertise to couple composite hose using various types of fittings. We can show you the proper way to clean composite hose and how to handle it. Our experience qualifies us to be recognized as composite hose experts!

We sell only NOVAFLEX made in AMERICA Composite hose.

Composite hoses from Hose Heaven Linden, NJ

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