Fuel Oil Delivery Hoses from Hose Heaven Linden, NJ



The stainless steel corrugated tube is made with a stainless steel strip that is rolled and the edges welded together then corrugations are formed. The more corrugations the more flexible the hose will be. To give the corrugated hose the ability to withstand pressure, it is covered with a stainless steel braid. Hoses may have a single braid or double braid for higher working pressures. The hose and braid are then cut to the desired length and a braid collar is then installed over each end of the hose. The hose braid and hose collar are then welded together. The end fittings are then welded to the collar. Corrugated hoses are used to convey liquid conveyants and are for applications where high temperatures or high pressures are prevalent or because chemical resistance is required.

Metal hoses from Hose Heaven Linden, NJ


Stripwound hose is a rugged product made from a strip of steel that is profiled and continuously wound around a mandrel to form a hose. Stripwound hose is generally used as an exhaust hose or for the transfer of dry bulk materials.


Interlocked metal hose for “tar and asphalt” is constructed in a similar fashion, however, using Hose Master’s proprietary packing, this hose is used for transferring high temperature viscous fluids. It is design tested to 100 PSI and has a temperature range of -40’F to 500’F


The difference between a braided metal hose and expansion joints is basically movement. Braided metal hoses are designed to accommodate one plane of movement, either lateral or angular one end moving or bending relative to the other. Axial movement compression or extension is to be avoided as it can cause the braid to loosen from the hose thus reducing it’s pressure capability. Expansion joints are designed to accommodate pressure and movements. Without the need for a braid they are capable of handling all three planes of movement, lateral, angular and axial. When selecting the proper expansion joints, please call us so we can send a certified representative to assist you.

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