Fuel Oil Delivery Hoses from Hose Heaven Linden, NJ


Sanitary applications demand high purity in both sanitary tubing and sanitary hose. We sell only the best products made in AMERICA by Advanta Pure and Pure Flex.


Their high purity tubing products are designed for biopharm and pharmaceutical industries. They include the Advanta Sil family of platinum cured silicone products and Advanta Flex biopharm grade TPE tubing.


• APST-unreinforced silicone tubing – translucent platinum cured

• APSPG-silicone pump grade silicone – translucent, platinum cured formulated for peristaltic pump use

• ASPH-braid reinforced silicone hose – translucent platinum cured polyester braid

• APSH-double braided silicone hose – platinum cured polyester braid

• APSW-4ply wire reinforced mandrel wrapped silicone hose – platinum cured polyester mesh fabric, smooth or convoluted O.D.


APFP-BP – translucent high purity thermoplastic elastomer biopharm tubing

Sanitary Hoses provided by Hose Heaven Linden, NJ
Sanitary Hoses and Fitting from Hose Heaven Linden, NJ


Flexchem is a versatile rubber covered F.E.P lined transfer hose. It is designed for full flow applications that require maximum flexibility, minimum weight and high purity.

Flexchem advantages

Corrosion resistant – FEP & PTFE are fully resistant to the broadest range of industrial chemicals and has a zero corrosion rate and lower life cycle costs.

Cleanable – Non stick, low porosity tube does not trap bacteria and can be cleaned with steam, detergents, caustics or solvents.

Sanitary – FDA – Approved materials meet or exceed 3A requirements.

Compatible – Will not contaminate or impart a taste, color or odor to any media

Flexible – The most flexible rubber covered hose in the industry, does not fatigue or stress corrode like mental hose. F.E.P and PTFE hoses are also available with stainless steel braided covers and stainless steel fittings.

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