It is always wise to remember that hose assemblies are generally used as temporary connections for loading or unloading.  History tells us that spills and accidents are more likely to occur at the temporary connections.  The odds of these incidents happening are heightened when the wrong hose, couplings or coupling method are used.  We offer you the following services to help prevent this from happening.


We visit your facility and check all the various hose assemblies in use.  We check the conveyant going through the hose, the temperature of the conveyant and the pressure used in the operation.  We also check the atmosphere surrounding the hose, the amount of bends and drops the hose makes.  All of these things determine the proper hose and coupling that should be used.  Sometimes this results in a resolution of a higher price hose or a less expensive hose assembly.  However, it will reduce the chance of a SPILL or BLOWOUT that could result in serious injury to your employees.


Should something happen in your facility that require a new hose be delivered to help keep your operation running.  We give you an emergency phone number to call and we will get you the help you need as quickly as possible.


Our welding shop can fabricate anything needed to help your operation.  From simple tables/work benches  to unloading devices with bleeder valves.  Sometimes taking two or three different fittings and machining and welding them to produce one very different fitting.  Our welding and fabrication shop does BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!


We have safety seminars at your facility or ours.  We teach your employees the proper way to handle hose assemblies.  We show them things to look for that could cause damage to the hose assemblies.  We go over how to physically inspect hose assemblies before or during use.  We show them what a hose assembly looks like that has been subjected to higher temperature than recommended for that hose, damage caused by abrasion or possible sign of too much pressure being used.  All of these things reduce the chance of hose failure and can lead to a longer life of the hose assembly and savings to your company.  All employees attending receive certificate in hose safety.  The company receives a plaque which should be shown to your insurance company to lower your rates and when OSHA visits for inspection. 


Sometimes hose assemblies are damaged or ran over during the performance of their task.  We can inspect the hose and sometimes cut back the hose and recouple the hose using the same fittings and testing the hose assembly. WARNING!  Never take a hose that has been ran over and take a mallet to make it round and reuse the hose.  There maybe damage to the inner tube or lining that could result in hose failure causing a severe spill and/or injury to an employee.  Instead call us to inspect the hose assembly before putting it in use and risking serious repercussion! 

created by: MCCM